Our Story

Our Process

In an effort to make our entire process green, natural, sustainable, insert other environmental buzzword, we use all natural, local, and whenever feasible, organic products. We produce little to no waste. We use Energy Star appliances and lights. We recycle our sunflower seed oil in cars. We’re just trying our best to make as little impact on your cholesterol and our planet as possible.

Our Burgers

Our bison is local, fresh, natural, grass-fed and -finished. Our beef is regional, fresh, natural, grass-fed, and grass- and grain-finished. Both are hand-seasoned and -formed with Boise Fry Co’s secret recipes. Our vegan burgers are made with black bean and organic, fair-trade certified, and high protein quinoa. And our organic wholewheat potato buns are baked fresh every day.

Our Fries

For the first time in our lives, we did our homework. We studied fry preparation methods from the beginning of fries until present. We tested cooking methods from New York to Paris. We debated serving methods. We took naps. And finally, after months of labor, we developed a fry that, though cosmopolitan in origin, is uniquely Idahoan and, most importantly, tasty. So whether you call them frites, taters, fries, or chips, we know you’ll enjoy the vegetable of our labor.

Here’s the method we developed: First, we buy the finest and freshest potatoes available. Secondly, and oh so tenderly, we prep each potato, which takes up to five steps and a half hour. Thirdly, we fry the potatoes in natural, healthy sunflower seedoil. Finally, you choose from our homemade seasonings and dipping sauces to coat your fries. So, for example, you could dip your curly Yukon gold fry, spritzered with malt vinegar and sprinkled with smoked sea salt, in blueberry ketchup. Or dip an unsalted home-style sweet potato fry in chipotle aioli. We have as many variations as you have personalities – over 100,000 in fact.

Does our method make a healthier fry? We think so. We’d don’t fry the goodness out of the potato; the nutrients remain from the potato to the fry. We don’t peel, mash, or stuff our potatoes; everything that’s healthy about potatoes stays. We don’t fry our fries with preservatives, MSG, and trans fats; sunflower seed oil contains little to no bad fats (saturated and trans) and plenty of good fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated). We don’t exclusively serve potatoes high on the glycemic index (GI); sweet potatoes and yams have low GI ratings. And finally, we don’t adulterate our fries with processed toppings; only the finest homemade seasonings and sauces coat our fries. We’re not saying that our fries will lower your risk for heart disease (though they might – who knows? – we haven’t conducted the research yet), but we are saying that you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating our fries.