How to BFC


choose your size

Small · Large

then your type

Russet · Gold · Laura · Yam · Sweet · Purple · Okinawa · Brussels Sprouts
"Potatoes change seasonally, cuts change daily" (Check your local BFC)

then your cut

Regular · Homestyle · Curly · Shoestring · Po' Balls


choose your patty

Beef · Bison · Vegan

then your topping

The Original
Garlic aioli, spring mix, red onion gastrique, and tomato
The Classic
Smoked special sauce, lettuce, red onion, pickles, and tomato
The Heat
Blueberry compote, lettuce, spicy ketchup, and habanero
Featured Topping
Ask your service about our current featured topping

then your add-ons

cheese · bacon · habanero · extra beef · extra bison · gluten free bun
Ask about our rotating toppings


order drinks and/or sides

craft beer · local wine · house made sodas

Pick Up

Choose any of the finest house-made seasonings and sauces for your fries.